Tapping into Resilience

Updated: Oct 1, 2020

As a leader – you are a beacon for your business. Your leadership team, your employees and your customers all look to you for guidance, direction and to be the calm in the eye of the storm. But what happens when you’re feeling your own light dim?

Here are 5 things you can do to help you show up your best self – to lead your company, lead your people, and stay connected with your customers and your community.

1. Focus meaningful relationships. While we’re all adjusting to a new normal, it’s easy to self-isolate. Consider joining a peer group – where you create a bond over a shared experience and have a trusted group you can check in with.

2. Keep perspective. Our mindset matters as we face each day with negative headlines. Finding even small things to be celebrate can help shift away from a glass half empty mindset. Consider starting a Success Journal where you jot each win in your day, no matter how small, so you can refer back to it when you need a little positivity.

3. Pay it forward. Do something that matters for someone else. outside of helping shift our mindset - you can really help someone in your community. Consider ordering take out from our neighborhood places or take a page from the Rotary Club San Diego who launched a virtual fundraiser for the San Diego Food Bank for their membership.

4. Don’t forget to do you! Keep exercising your body, it keeps the blood pumping and helps the mind stay strong – many gyms are offering free virtual workouts – F45, CorePower, or your local yoga instructor. Keep exercising your mind, why not make progress on your personal goals as well? What’s one thing you can do to make progress on your own growth plan?

5. Ask for help. It’s easier now more than ever to withdraw. I encourage you to reach out to a trusted friend, your coach, your counselor when you find yourself needing support. Consider setting virtual game nights, dinners or happy hours to keep you connected and bring a little joy to your day.

We’re all in this together. As leaders, when we take care of ourselves, we will be better positioned to a take care of those around us. 

Wishing you good health and happiness.

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