Managing through the Storm

Updated: Oct 1, 2020

After many Zoom meetings and phone conversations with many of you over the past several weeks, I propose two shifts that will help us make it to the other side of the storm. In this week’s ‘Leadership Principles’ I want talk about how we can deal with our own emotionality and shift our attitude to manage through the storm.

Dealing with change is hard on a normal day. Throw in an invisible, faceless virus, and you have the recipe for paralyzing even the best of us. Add to it isolation, working virtual, worrying about our family and loved ones’ health. On the surface it is hard to see a way forward. We need that guiding light to appear in the storm. But what if we can shift our mindset and to see the art of the possibilities? 

The first shift is to acknowledge that we are experiencing a feeling of loss - a loss of our safety, our normal routines, and our normal way of interacting with our communities.  In his latest HBR interview, David Kesslergives us a name to describe our current emotionality:  GRIEF. Our lives – and our businesses – are turned on its side. We are operating in this strange new normal, worried about our family, our friends and our colleagues. In his article, Kessler gives us a roadmap to moving through our grief – coming to terms with the temporary nature of what we’re dealing with, understanding and acknowledging what we’re feeling and give ourselves grace to move through the feelings. And the light at the end of the tunnel – to find the meaning in ourselves, our relationships and our businesses. 

The second shift is realizing that we alone have the power to change our attitude. Your attitude towards life is perhaps your strongest weapon in getting to where you want – and having success on the other side of the storm. 

At the base of it all, your attitude doesn't just influence your thoughts and opinions, but it also translates into action and hence, has a very tangible and practical influence on the series of events going on in your life. Our attitude impacts how successful we are in lots of different ways. For example, how often do you see people with bad attitudes attaining a big goal? Never, right? They often don’t even bother trying to reach a goal. Instead, they blame their circumstances or others for their lack of ambition or success.

Those of us with a positive attitude also are much more resilient than those who have a negative view of life. When life becomes challenging, positive people dig deeper and find a way to change course; they see challenges as an opportunity to learn and grow, make changes in their lives and in their businesses. 

Dealing with our mindset will help us be better positioned to manage through the storm. I'd love to hear from you - what other strategies have you put into play to help you and your team manage through the storm?  

And if I can be a support system for you, connect you to needed resources, or be a friendly face on the Zoom video screen, please reach out. We are in this together. 

Wishing you good health and happiness.

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