Outstanding Organization Design

The best way to expand your company is to examine your organizational design. Addressing how your company operates and what can or should be changed opens up the possibility for growth. Every company, no matter how successful, has the opportunity to grow, and Lyon Performance Solutions is here to open the door for you. Below are a few ways to address changes that can be brought to revamping your organizational design.

Starting Corporate Self-Reflection

The best way to get started with organization design is to utilize self-reflection on the corporate level. Ask: what is your sense of purpose? How are you making a difference for not only your clients, but your employees? What sets you apart from others, both right now and in the future? By asking these questions, you can critically analyze where exactly your company is going to go. While answering these questions may mean going beyond your comfort zone, you can rest assured knowing that this corporate self-reflection will help boost your company with organizational design. These questions allow you to set your direction, work towards that goal, and prioritize all that your company does according to these goals.

Figuring The Bona Fide Framework

Delving into organizational design can seem complex and difficult, but luckily Lyon Performance Solutions is here to help you prioritize the right framework for you. All companies can benefit from the elemental breakdown of organizational design. In this breakdown, there are decisions and norms, motivators and commitments, information and mind-sets, and structure and networks. It is organized in this manner to break apart different governing factors that influence organizational design, pairing tangible ideas of the workplace with ideas that may not be so visible but are still present.

Decisions and norms both govern how people act, but decisions are made up of analytics, processes, and rights whereas norms are made up of standards, values, and expectations. Motivators and commitments govern how people feel about their work, as motivators such as monetary rewards and career models and commitments such as individual goals and sources of pride can change how an employee feels about the workplace and the company. Information is paired with mind-sets as they both govern how people process the knowledge we gain; information comes from key performance metrics while mind-sets come from shared beliefs. Lastly, there is structure and networks, which both govern how people connect. Structure consists of reporting/hierarchical relationships as well as roles and responsibilities, and networks come out of collaboration and communication. By thinking of these elements in pairs, your organizational design can integrate all the necessary parts of your company.

Now, having all of these elements in front of you may inspire you to make changes for all eight elements at once, but this could lead to unfortunate side effects as you try to create progress. When in doubt, pick a small number of changes that you personally believe will have the most impactful delivery as you begin. Many variations can evolve from even just a few changes, and it is best to work with a few at once. Five small changes can get you started without overwhelming you or your company.

Tapping the Top Talent

As important as talent is, it is often overlooked in organizational design. This is because most leaders assume that the design will not be impacted by the capabilities or personalities of the team, whereas in reality, you should be creating positions to utilize the strengths of those in the positions. Help grow their talent with collaboration, and empower them to use their talent to the best of their abilities. By ensuring that the capabilities that you need on your team matches the talent you have, your company will thrive. This may seem straightforward, but the fact of the matter is that talent is not always taken into account when it comes to crafting a master team. As you assemble the brilliant minds that will make up your company, it is important to make sure there are no gaps in talent, and that those whose talents overlap or interact mesh well with one another. By encouraging the talents of your team members, you push them to excellence. If your team individually aims to be the best they can be, your team will be the best it can be.

Concentrate on Control

Not everything you encounter in the business world will be in your control, and that is why it is important to focus on what is in your grasp. The best way to do so is to make a list, and include anything that will influence your company or hold your company back. This includes things like scarcities (short supply) or constraints (slow you down). Acknowledging these real-world limits to what your company can do ensures that your new organizational design is sustainable. Focusing on addressing these limitations creates an idea of what your company needs to prioritize when you change your organizational model. Constraints can come in the form of regulations, shortages, and changes in customers, but don’t get bogged down trying to change what is out of your control. Focus on changing what is in your control instead. This gives your company the room to grow without being trapped within the confines of something you can not change.

Advocate for Accountability

Your organizational design should make people’s accountability for the work they do easy. The trouble is allowing accountability without micromanaging everyone. To ensure accountability reaches everyone, open channels of communication so that information flows rapidly and clearly from each department of your business. All rights to decision making should be made explicit so that there is no miscommunication. When decision rights and motivators become well established, employees are held to higher standards of accountability, which makes your organizational design powerful. If you hold all employees to this standard of accountability, everyone will get in the habit of ensuring they follow through with every commitment they make. After accountability becomes part of your company’s everyday culture, cultivating and promoting the idea of accountability helps ensure that this level of accountability endures. By allowing accountability to grow roots in your company, you are growing a large tree of accomplishments.

Focusing on your company’s organizational design may seem like an overwhelming task, but breaking it down into manageable pieces allows you to uplift your company one choice at a time. Lyon Performance Solutions is here to build up your company and ensure that your organizational design is the best it can be for your company.

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