There’s No Such Thing as “One-Size-Fits-All”

Why do some consulting companies think organizational design solutions work one-size-fits-all? Here at Lyon Performance Solutions, we don’t work this way, because we understand that everyone is unique. Each company we speak with has different needs, desires, and goals. That’s why we tailor your consulting solutions to exactly what you look to accomplish in your company, whether your goal is big or small. We will help make your company’s dreams a reality for all to see. This may seem impossible, but Lyon Performance Solutions has designed a four-part approach to ensure that your company isn’t squeezed into a “one-size-fits-all” operating model into your business. Taking the time to follow this four step approach allows your leaders to work closely with Lyon Performance Solutions and prioritize what is needed to make your company great.


The first step Lyon Performance Solutions takes is to uncover everything we can about your business. Just like you, your business is unique. We want to tailor-fit your experience with us, and that requires getting to know you. Exploring what matters to you and your company will lead to the best, fit-for-purpose operating model you can receive. The culture of your office will provide valuable insight into what your company values and holds at the utmost importance. Even sharing your challenges will show the opportunity for growth and development within the company, and how to address challenges as they come along the way. Using what you’ve gone through as a company can bring insight to what we can design for you to make your organization structure even better. Having this as the first step of the approach will allow your team to take the tie for self-reflection, not only for the company but for themselves. If the people of the team have lost sight of the business' goals and aspirations, how can they be expected to focus on what the company is focused on? That’s why discussion of the fundamental challenges, culture, and desired growth of your company is so vital to creating a tailored operating model and organization structure for your company. Together we can work out what exactly your leaders need to succeed both personally and as members of the company.


After discussing what makes your business unique, our operating model solution can be perfectly tailored to what you need for your company. The program is designed to drive improvement in your company’s performance by using everything we determined would be a good fit for your company. Lyon Performance Solutions focuses on your leaders and operating principles. Aligning your operating model and your leaders’ responsibilities and accountabilities with what your company wants to aim for in the future. Engaging your people, regardless of their status and level within the company, will give you and your company an opportunity to grow together while striving for your goals. Just like in the uncover stage, the design stage is here to help identify the best operating model and decision authorities for your team so they can be the best that they can be. Narrowing down the best chain of action for your company with your leaders will ensure that your leaders are playing to their personal strengths to help your company grow. By designing a plan with your strategy, values, and culture in mind, you will become the most efficient and productive that your company can be.


Designing a plan for your business is only the second step of helping you succeed. Next, business happens. Having a plan in place for how to implement steps for your new operating model takes the guess-work and stress from figuring it out along the way. Staging the roll-out of more effective organizational solutions halts preventable issues before they arise. A plan carefully crafted for maximum impact works to your strengths while testing the waters for new ideas. The best part is, by having a plan in place, you can make sure your business isn't disrupted while changes are rolling out across your company. With your leaders fully invested in the design step of the approach, they will be able to adapt to any potential issues that might arise. Being prepared ensures that your company will thrive as you evolve and grow the business.


There’s nothing worse than having a company help you create a plan and then leave you high and dry when you’re rolling it out. Lyon Performance Solutions won’t make you fend for yourself while you figure out what’s best for your company. Together we will work hard on making sure that the organizational solutions created in the uncover and design phases are actually good solutions for your company to use. We want to ensure that the solutions we’ve created together deliver the intended impact. By monitoring your business results, we can make sure that your results show the full impact of all the improvements you’ve brought about for your company. We won’t leave your team to fend for themselves because we care about your company. We’ve learned about the inner workings of your company and the challenges you’ve faced. We won’t leave you when you’re rolling out changes. Lyon Performance Solutions is here for you and your company, because we want you to succeed. Keeping an eye on your business results to demonstrate the improvements you’ve invested into your company through consulting with Lyon Performance Solutions is the least that we can do after all we’ve done with you to ensure you succeed.

Everyone is unique, and everyone has their own unique abilities and challenges. The same can be said for companies. Here at Lyon Performance Solutions, we want your business to thrive and your leaders to be the best you can be, which is why we work with you to create a custom operating model, leveraging our four-part approach to best suit your company’s needs.

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